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Faceplant Dreams

Like Love Notes on a pillowcase, Faceplant Dreams are a unique and perfect gift for anyone special in your life. And they'll last waaaayyy longer than flowers. What counts to us is how it all feels - spiritually, emotionally and of course, physically. Quality fabrics like 300 thread count cotton with a finish so soft that our customers tell us they often ‘feel’ for their favorite pillow in their sleep. With a range of playful and inspiring messages, Faceplant always delivers the perfect message for the moment. Products come packaged in lovely fabric envelopes and are ready to gift to someone special in your life.

Little Giraffe
Little Giraffe

The Little Giraffe collection currently includes luxury blankets, bedding, apparel, toys, gifts, and accessories for babies, children, and adults. Little Giraffe’s mission is to provide consumers with the most luxurious blankets, apparel, plush toys, and accessories on the market. Since 2000, the company’s unique Little Giraffe and Giraffe at Home collections have delighted celebrities, style-makers, and discerning parents across the country with a signature blend of comfort, quality, and convenience.